Scythe Kama Panel SCKMPN-2000-BK Media Card Reader

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This product comes in two colours: SCKMPN-2000-BK (Black)or SCKMPN-2000-SL (Silver). I bought the SCKMPN-2000-BK from another online merchant 2 months ago. When I first opened the box I was confused with all the many cables inside. Then I quickly realised that if your pc does not have available slots in the motherboard, or external ports then almost the cables are useless.

For example, this product came with 2 x USB Cables for data transfer, and one internal usb cable for your motherboard. In order for you use the two usb ports in the front panel of this device you need to have two available external usb port to connect the cables. Now if you connect the cables to two existing external usb port of your pc, what you are simply doing is transfer the usb ports from the back of your pc to the front of your pc. This might be interesting for you if you did not already have available front usb ports. And again, the two usb ports from the device are useless if you do not have existing external usb ports or internal usb motherboard connector.

This same reasoning applies to the firewire connection as well. If you did not have an existing available firewire port/slot/connector in your pc then the firewire port in front of the device is useless unless you don't mind purchasing an internal firewire pci card. (Depends if you have available pci card slots in your pc).And of course, the same problem with the Sata connection. You need to have an existing sata/data/power connector in order to be able to use the front Sata port.

The idea of this device coming with its own fan is neat until you discover that you will need at least 6 available fan connectors in your motherboard for the fans to work. Not only that, you might end purchasing female to female fan connectors as well.

Overall, the only useful port/feature is the media card reader and fans. Who needs the rest of the features if you cannot get them to work? Or in order to get them to work you will have to purchase extra connectors or pci card or power cables, etc.

Yours truly this item is over-priced!
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