Sealing a Bath or Shower Tray

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Seal your bath or shower tray for the life of your bathroom

How much do you hate the nasty mould and or grime that silicone sealant seems to grow, in no time at all?

Well finaly there is a solution worthy of spreading the word!

TeleSeal10 tackles the problems of sealing a bath or shower tray by incorporating a clever little sliding seal into it's patented design. What this means in short is that you don't have to rely on Silicone to streatch and squish as you (and the water) get into or out of the bath or shower...

All the good ideas are the simply ones!

TeleSeal10 is supplied with it's own sealing adhesive to secure the product to the bath/shower rim and the wall, then it's over to the sliding seal to keep the water out.. and it does this with ease.. in fact the prototype seal has been fitted for over 10 years and to this day looks like new! No mould, no stains and no leeks!

So if you have ever heard of water dripping through the ceiling from above, or having to bleech the silicone sealant to get it white again then look no further.. You need TeleSeal10 - The ULTIMATE seal.

Search for TeleSeal10 to find out more!

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