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Buying At Auction.

Before buying any item from us or to mention anybody! from the internet we suggest asking as many questions as possible until you the buyer are as happy as possible placing your bid. If the buyer is wanting and willing to sell their item, they will have no problem in giving you as much information as possible in a time frame suitable for both parties. We buy many items from auction ourselves and know how it feels to receive a item not as expected, That's why we encourage all potential buyer's to ask everything and anything question wise they feel necessary to ensure they are happy with the item they are purchasing, We encourage future customers to come look at the item in person if possible, we know this is not always possible but it doesn't hurt to ask! We are always more than happy to help with anything you ask, if we cant help we will be honest and tell you so.  If with any item we list you would like more information or pictures then please ask, we will always do our best to ensure your purchase goes through as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately we do rely on courier company's a lot of the time and we know and understand the process in dealing with them, although not entirely responsible for the courier company we will at our discretion help as much as we possibly can and provide as much detail for our customers as possible.  
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