Second Chance emails.

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Since this guide was first written, eBay have started making user ID private after a certain amount is bid, which is good, & hopefully will stop the scams

Hi & welcome to my guide.

I have just received two emails from potential buyers regarding a saddle I have recently sold for my Mum, both people are claiming to have been sent a Second Chance email from myself.  This email has never come from me, the saddle in question as we speak is well on its way to the USA.  I took the opportunity to email the other potential buyers as well, to warn them that they may too receive these emails and if so to ignore them.   I would hate to think that someone will act upon it and be scammed for money.  Both these people had relatively low feedback as well.

If you are unsure about the authenticity of emails, always check your inbox in eBay, if they are genuine emails they will be a copy in your 'my messages' Also contact the seller, if it is genuine then they won't mind you double checking.

Never click on any links in these emails either, they may appear to be genuine, but they are not, and that is how they get you.  Either send them straight to your trash can, or email them to eBay, & let them deal with it.  I never click on any link now, even when I know it to be real, I always paste and copy them into my browser.

Scamming seems to be a big thing at the moment and everybody needs to be aware of it, never give out personal information to anyone who is asking for it, both eBay & Paypal will never ask for personal information about yourself or your accounts.

May I also suggest you alter your passwords on a regular basis as well, sounds silly and pretty obvious, but how many people actually do do that?  Not many I am guessing.

If you do not wish to ever receive emails offering second chance offers, go into your buyer preferences and scroll down till you reach '2nd chance offers' & unmark the box.

These scammers are relying on people not to have their wits about them & to fall right into their trap, but if more people were aware of these things and what to look out for, they would eventually give up and go get day jobs!

Always look at how the messages starts as well, a prime example is:

Dear Paypal User

This is fake............paypal use your real name or at the very least the name you registered with them.


Dear eBay user

Again this is wrong, as eBay uses both your ID name & your real name as well.

I hope this guide is helpful to you and prevents any unnecessary heartache at being scammed.


Thanks for reading





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