Second chance offers explained.

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Second Chance Offers

Available only in auctions, a second chance offer can be sent by the seller to any user who has bid on the seller's item offering the item at the bidders top bid price.

There are a few reasons why a seller would send such an offer. First if the highest bidder doesn't pay for the item purchased, or lets the buyer know that they don't want the item then they can offer to the under bidder. Secondly, if a seller has more than one of the lots available then a second chance offer can be sent to one or more of the underbidders.

So why would a seller send an offer to an underbidder?

To save time on relisting the item. Another reason is to save money on fees, a second chance offer costs nothing to send and relisting does. To increase turnover, its often much better to sell more than one item in one listing.

Isn't it just a con?

As with most things its always worth checking with the seller before accepting the offer to purchase. There has been cases of scammers sending second chance offers on high value items and taking the money themselves.
There is also the possibility of shill bidding, the seller may have used another id to force the value of the item up, this is against ebay rules and can be reported. This is not a common occurrence, but does happen, so be wary.

The item I bid on just finished, I received an offer immediately, surely a scam?

It is possible to be a scam, but most likely that the seller has automated the second chance offers, this is quite easy to do, if a seller is happy to get £X for an item and they have more than one available, then they can automate all bidders over that amount to receive a second chance offer.

If I sell an item should I wait a few days before sending a second chance offer?

It's usually best to send an offer fairly quickly after end of auction, the only reason for waiting would be if you only had one item to sell and the buyer had not purchased.

I've received a second chance offer does that mean I have to buy the item, as I bid on it?

A second chance offer is not compulsary, but if you want the item and were happy to bid to that amount then you may purchase. Remember that second chance offers have a time limit, usually just 24 hours, so if not taken up in that time the seller will probably re-offer elsewhere.

I missed out on bidding on an item, can I get the seller to send me a second chance offer?

Second chance offers can only be sent to users who have bid on an item. It's always best to bid on an item if you want it, don't go higher than you can afford or are willing to pay. Its also worth remembering that a seller may not have more than one item available, so still bid what you are prepared to pay, you don't want to miss out!

As with all of Ebay, have fun, but be careful out there.......

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