Second hand caravan ? this one really was a little gem

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I ( foolishly ) bid on a 1989 Abbey Executive 360/2 - without any prior knowledge, or anything. Stupid, yes. Got carried away with the moment , and next thing .... It was mine !!   My hubby was furious but we went and  paid the  £800 for it, as it didn't look so  bad to the untrained eye,  and towed it away. It was in  amazing condition - dry as a bone and barely used - everything spotlessly clean, and like new. Also had a full awning with it thats like new. We've had it over 12 mnths now - its taken us on loads of trips and holidays - we've thoroughly enjoyed having it and it owes us not even a penny. AND I reckon we'll get another two good years out of it - so cheer up, second hand isn't always bad !!!!

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