Secret of the 1p Auction with free P&P

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The Secret to 1p Auctions
The Secret to 1p Auctions is out . . .

Let's face it, with 100,000,000 (that's ONE HUNDRED MILLION) members,
Ebay is the undisputed King Kong of auction websites and a very popular
place indeed. Why would someone want to fight the search engine wars if they
could just tap into some of that traffic instead?

Some Basics

It's common knowledge that one of the measures of your status on Ebay is
feedback. With that many members, a lot of the newer ones are looking for
cheap items just so they can build feedback. So the expert sellers are of
course glad to oblige them. If they sell enough items, they go on to become
Power Sellers which gives them even more recognition (and more money!!!)
As a buyer, this works for you because there are no extra fees. Since the
sellers are playing the game, you can be pretty sure of getting good feedback
from them. The fact remains, to make any real money on Ebay you need to
become a seller yourself.

For a seller to list an item for a penny, Ebay only allow you to sell one at a
time. The minimum price for a Multi-Item Auction is 99p and people
searching for the lowest price will never see it.
As a volume seller, listing items with a minimum listing fee of 15p and
selling them for a penny doesn't sound too smart, does it? Even if they get
100% feedback they would still be losing £150 for every 1,000 items sold.
Expensive feedback!
Consider An Ebay Store

As a reward for setting up an Ebay Store, Ebay lets you list items for 30 days
(instead of 7) and automatically renew them for only 2p an item per
month. The only problem with that is, they don't show up in the normal search
results so it's hard to get people to notice them.
(SHHHHH . . .Here comes the secret)


The Secret to 1p Auctions


Pre-Approved Buyers ONLY
Ebay allows links on your auction listing as long as the target is another Ebay
page. So you list your item as a normal 7 day 'Buy It Now' auction and require
buyers to be pre-approved. When they click a button to request it, they
actually get forwarded to your store where you have a thousand of the same
item in your inventory at the lower listing fee. The 'Buy It Now' item never gets
sold, so it continues to drive traffic to your store for the whole week!
Of course, that's not the only item you have for sale there, is it?

Running an Ebay Store with Resell Products is so popular for one reason only

. . . It Makes Easy Money. All you need to do is get enough buyers to visit. If
for some reason you still don't want to own an Ebay store, I'll show you later
how to make money from this Report by giving it to those who might.
This will still lose money, won't it?

Unfortunately you're right, you will lose every time one of those penny items
goes out the door. But isn't the feedback worth it? (I didn't think so)

So, what's the answer?

Really it's quite simple, make sure this Special Report is the item you sell for a
penny. Those who want to make money will see the potential and want to sell
the same Report in their own Ebay Store. (You can try an Ebay Store free for
30 days!) However, they probably wouldn't want it to include YOUR links,
would they?.

So you offer another item in your Ebay Store that rebrands the links and sends
the money for all the sales into YOUR PayPal account automatically. Just set
up an inventory listing for the upgrade with instant payment and electronic
delivery just like the one-cent Report, then sit back and do nothing but watch
the cash register RING!

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