Seeing Things In Miniature

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The Miniaturists Eye

If you're into miniatures and dolls housing, don't be scared to try new things. Many items in your dolls house can be created yourself, with a cunning eye and a little imagination.

When I created my hat shop, I was at a loss on where to get several hatstands, at the right price, so I experimented. The uprights were miniature wooden candle sticks, the top part, 3/4 inch wooden candle cups. Painted up, and glued together, I had individual stylish hat-stands. that were uniquely my own.

Again, when I was working on my new age scene, the crystal ball that the fortune teller reads, is a clear marble, placed on a fimo base.

Tips To Start You Off

1 - Always carry a tape measure. You never know when you'll see something that can be adapted for the hobby.

2 - If you have a broken doll, carry that to. It's ideal for checking if something will fit the hand or foot.

3 - Be prepared to experiment. They don't always work, but that's part of the fun. And when the experiments do work - the result will be unique to you.

4 - If you are looking for a statue for your gallery or garden, look at resin gifts. Check the measurements - some can be used with no extra work.

5 - Some keyrings have items that are 12th scale - keep an eye out for them, you might get lucky.

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