Seiko watches - Beware shill bidders

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If you are looking for the latest Seiko watches, you will find them on offer from sellers in Thailand and Singapore. If you examine the bidding patterns, you'll also find that these are carefully constructed shill bids - that is, where a seller has friends or alternative IDs bidding up on items to ensure they reach the desired price. The pattern is for a bidder of low feedback to place several consecutive bids on the item, then drop off to allow the real bidders to outbid each other. If the prices doesn't rise fast enough they go back with a later higher bid - but they never win an auction!

The watches appear genuine (but are they?), but the sellers are not!. I could name at least four, who have huge feedback ratings. Some shill bidders can be seen on items from more than one of these sellers - all v.dodgy, and I have reported all this to Ebay, and I encourage you do to the same, in the interests of fair trading.

Postcript: Can you believe that Ebay have decided to take no action against four of these sellers, on the grounds that there is no shill bidding evident? Without actually naming them, have a carefull look at goods from P******u in Singapore, T***p******e in Singapore, L****1008 in Spain, B******77 in Thailand. You'll find them if you search for Seiko. Be warned, don't bid over the odds.

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