Select the right Cockerel to produce more pullets

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For the back yard poultry keeper and the smallholder, If you have a small number of hens roaming free range with a cockerel which you breed from through the natural broody hen incubation method ,do you always seem to hatch out more cockerels than pullets,this being the case take a look at the cockerels comb if it stands tall on its head there is a tendency for this cockerel to produce more young cock birds whereas if the comb hangs down over an eye there is a  tendency to produce more pullets, i myself was told this by an old Lincolnshire Farmer and has always worked for me, also when a hen (or Bantam)sits on eggs to brood always make sure she has an odd number as this fits into the birds natural arrangement of eggs and is easier for her to turn them 
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