Self Lacing tips

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Self Lacing Tips

You'll need yourself, the corset, a mirror.

Make sure the corset is open in the back. It should be so loose that you can do up the corset without straining or sucking in

Wrap the corset around you and do up the busk. I start from the top and work my way down, but clip it up anyway that works best for you

Wiggle around until the waist of your corset is at your natural waist. I know it sounds redundant, but if the corset waist ends up above the natural waist the corset will get real uncomfortable, real fast.

This is where a lot of people start wincing b/c it puts some strain on the corset, but I think a little strain is better than not being able to wear your corset at all.

Grab the right puller loop in your left hand and the left puller loop in your right hand. Pull out to your sides, when the waist feels comfortably snug tie the loops off in front

This is where the mirror comes in. adjust the top half of the corset so it lines up with the waist. Hold all of the slack with one hand. With your other hand grab the top half of the puller loops (yes with the corset still tied off) and pull until all the slack is at the puller loops. Without letting go of the slack (which should now be at the puller loops) untie the front and retie it so you're no longer holding the slack. Both hands should now be free.

Repeat with bottom half of corset

Last step I promise: Untie the corset, do not let the corset loosen up while doing this, retie it so the corset is tied in back.

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