Sell Your Clothes on Ebay

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This is a quick guide to help you stand out from the hundreds of thousands of items on ebay, and to boost your sales. There are five areas you need to address when selling any item of clothing on ebay. Although this guide is mainly for clothing, it can relate to almost all items sold on ebay. 


1. A great description 

-Make sure you use the drop down menus and fill them up with information. This is also submitted to the search engines so you can grab even more traffic by filling these in correctly. 

-Use bullet points wherever possible as most people are just skimming and don't want to read a 1000 word essay on your old jeans. All you need in the description is: 'Welcome to my auction', A quick snappy description, what the item will go well with, and NEVER FORGET TO SAY 'have a look at my other items'. Most people forget to explore buyers items, and this little reminder could double your traffic. 

2. Decent photography

This is where most new buyers lose sales. The biggest mistakes are cluttered backgrounds and blurred photographs. You wouldn't buy an item you can't see, or one from a person with cigarette butts scattered around next to the item (it's been done). 

Take the photo on a plain background. Avoid using flash for cd's, dvd's, and shiny/sequinned clothing, and instead use natural lighting. This is because the flash usually obscures and blurs the picture on these items. With smaller items, you can use a sheet of white paper, but for larger clothing items you can use a plain bedsheet or take a photo against a wall. 

Although it is usually best to use a model as it gives a better idea of the clothing, if your model is out of shape and the clothing sheer, revealing or tight, it won't make people want to buy it. Just use your judgement. If you think it looks good, most people will too, but if it's showing lumps and bumps, take a photo of the item laid flat. 


- You need a Clean, clear layout. Resist the urge to use silly layouts with flashing lights, slides and music. These take ages to load and not only are they offputting, they also make you look like an inexperienced, unreliable seller and people will be less trusting of you.Black text on a white background is best.


- Resist the urge to describe a used item as 'new without tags', as you will get caught out, and recieve bad feedback 
- Try not to keyword spam i.e. saying an item is from topshop when it isn't. Not only will your buyer be annoyed when they recieve it, but ebay will give you a violation and reduce your visibility in the searches. 

I hope this guide helped you get started. If so, please remember to give me a thumbs up. 


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