Seller Credibility & Feedback

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A happy mix of common sense and caution, and a little bit of detective work is usually enough to avoid disappointment when buying on eBay.  The most obvious source of information is the sellers feedback profile, but this doesn't always reveal the full picture!  For example, a power seller may have clocked up a hefty tally of 98% positive comments - but if they have made 3,000 sales, that means 60 of their customers would have had to leave a negative comment to balance out the missing 2%!  Similarly a seller with only a few sales can have thier feedback rocked by a couple of disgruntled buyers, for the most fickle of reasons.  Of course, none of these equations take into consideration 'neutral' feedback (which scores 'zero').  A seller may have accumulated a bounty of neutrals without adversly impacting upon his overall percentage. Unfortunately eBays present method of actually READING the comments (and thereby drawing your own conclusions) more often than not involves trawling through pages of feedbackand playing 'spot the neutrals & negatives'.  Boring & time consuming.  Wouldn't it be better if they could simply be collated into one easily accessible list?  Well they can - but not on eBay!  Here's where to go:


(  I had to write it that way as eBay doesn't care for external links, but in the real world replace the (dot) with a  .  )

Alas, rather than embracing this site (or better still, learning from its presentation) eBay on occasion (temporarily) blocks its information gathering mechanism.  Be patient and persist though!  This site is a particularly useful tool to have at your disposal!


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