Seller Negative Feedback Worries . Just Do Your Best.

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I have seen a lot of forums where sellers are losing sleep regarding negative feedback, checking their computers and making themselves ill with worry. We have all felt a bit like that as it does seem like a blight on your character. The basic message is all we can do is our best sometimes it's out of your hands.

Negative : didnt say it fitted size 6-12 which is a massive difference and wont fit most.

This item was described on the listing to fit size 10. The packaging does have foreign sizes on it so we usually check the item and try to give our own opinion. The customer was quite a reasonable communicater as long as it was all on their terms. We asked why they had opened all the sealed packages when the dress did not fit as this meant we couldn't sell the item as new. We were then left a negative feedback. We tried to make contact again as we thought there may be another solution but communication was not returned.

Negative : Flimsiest cloth you can ever imagaine, did not even wear it..........Crap

This was just one of those situations that you can never win. Thought long and hard about leaving a negative in return as the customer is allowed their opinion. No communication at any stage. What more can we do ?


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