Seller With 100% Feedback Only Buying.

Like if this guide is helpful
it can always be convincing to see 100% feedback, but how do we know if they would send an item themselves? for example, i came across a game i liked and i seen that he had 100% feedback only as a buyer, even though he never sold anything he looked like a trusted ebayer, so i checked out and bought the item. 2 weeks go by and still no game, i ask the buyer where it is, he said he sent it and that it would be with me in a few days, after another few days i asked again, the next excuse was royal mail must have lost it you know what there like i said " i am a seller and i know how royal mail work and it dosn't take this long, you have a few days or im reportin you, in the end i gave him bad feedback and reported him, only for him to respond with vile language refusing to refund my item, this is now in the hands of ebay and i am waiting on there reply, i advise you all to think carefully before buying from 100% feedback from a non seller, you never know who to really trust.

thank you if you read my guide, i hope it was a help to you all and you can look at seller's carefully in future, if you have anymore questions feel free to message me.




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