Seller strategy to minimise bad buyer risks & remedies

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I have been selling on Ebay for 5 years in total, the strategy  I use is below and I have had a few nasty buyers, but so far I have only had one failure, (he says touching wood!!)

I have included useful links/shortcut throughout this guide…

I have a had a few awkward/nasty customers , but never one as awkward as this.(this story is summarised as it would go on for a while…..)

At the time of writing this guide I believe I have just got rid of an awful buyer..

I want to share this experience as it may show someone how to (possibly) deal with this type of awkward buyer  or to avoid the problem through approach in the initial stages of contact with a problem buyer

I totally believe that approach is the key and my philosophy is that initial approach should always start softly softly…..anyway on to the problem buyer

I sold a item to this buyer, around 60 feedbacks- 100 per cent positive-no problem there, fortunately for me it wasn’t a expensive item.

I always put a condition in sales that payment must be received within 7 days, after 5 days if no payment is received I always send a gentle reminder saying basically that the buyer may have overlooked payment, all very nicely phrased.-I did this with this buyer  ---No response

At 7 days I sent another reminder- the standard stock one saying please pay for this or at least contact me to discuss it.- No response, so I blocked the buyer, as I did not want them buying more when they hadnt paid for what they had bought.

To block buyer click this link:-

At 9 days I sent another reminder, this time stating "that with regret, if no contact was received I would be forced into initiating a unpaid item procedure, that I do not like doing this, but it was the only way to recoup my fee's"- this too was a "fluffy" reminder.- No response

At 12 days I started the unpaid item procedure, again very "fluffy" text with it.

Anyway, the pre-requisite 7 more days went past, I sent emails-No response

so, on the seventh day I was just about to end the dispute and give a non paying strike against them when I noticed a item  of mine had been bought by THE SAME PERSON UNDER new identity(brand new a few days before)

This item was paid for....

I immediately blocked the second name to prevent further exposure

I am more than a little cynical, I do not believe in coincidences like that(bought the same day as dispute/strike about to happen) so I tried to contact the buyer- No response

At this point I also believed that I was being set up for a negative feedback  with the buyer using a paypal clawback,

This is actually against Ebay rules, so idiot that I am, I expected Ebay to actually help me, I informed them of the miscreant and explained all....

The response I got was  useless and a stock reply

To date the miscreant is still on Ebay and it seems that they have done nothing, even the buyer brazenly flouted their own rules... 

Moral- EBay care more about getting your money than helping….

So I tried sending some more fluffy emails to the buyer and  I went on discussion groups and they all said that Ebay had to acknowledge first that the buyer was in the wrong before I could get anywhere………

 I did get more idea's from the discussion groups though and would thoroughly recommend them

Anyway, I asked Ebay if I could cancel the sale (you can cancel a bid BEFORE sale) and they didnt even bother replying.

You can cancel bids before sale but not after-click this link:-

I  refunded the buyer the 2nd item via Paypal and filed a unpaid item dispute against them on that item in Ebay taking the " we didn’t agree on terms" option and in the free text I put "I have been advised by Ebay to take this course of action” 

(This then goes to the buyer to agree, if they dont then you lose the fee's, but it does  hinge on the buyer and if they swallow it lol.....)

The buyer accepted and I got my fee returned.!

A happy ending eventually, but it just illustrates how easy it is for a less than moral person to make it difficult for a legitimate seller

The point to this story is that there are ways to prevent this from happening and there are ways to minimize risks and that you shouldn’t expect help from EBay, I hope the above may have helped someone or given them pointers..

Anyway to prevent your exposure here’s something you MUST do:-


and this is partially why I came unstuck here, I slightly changed my settings below and turned the credit card option off..

Set the buyer requirements in your ebay settings properly-click below link:-

I personally have them set to the below


Are registered in countries to which I don't post

Have a feedback score of -1 or lower

Are currently winning or have bought 1 of my items in the last 10 days and have a feedback score of 0 or lower

Have received 2 Unpaid Item strikes in the last 30 days

Don't have a PayPal account


I would also recommend doing a check the buyer and seeing what they have been bidding on in the past

This may be useful to see if the buyer has done the same thing to another seller and they may give you some details and it may help you in your quest with Ebay for jsutice!

or it may give a indicator the account may have been hijacked, Click this link and check the relevant boxes:-

To conclude…

You may think this is too fluffy a approach, but the bottom line is that how much do you want your money back or to preserve your feedback, all I would say is, persevere draw a breath, forget the idiot and earn some more, you’re the person making money, they’re not !!!

Hope this helps someone out there.



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