Sellers BEWARE of unconfirmed buyer details!

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After being 'stung' a few times recently, I decided to write this warning for sellers.  It has become on the increase the number of people purchasing items from me, without having a CONFIRMED address either with PayPal or eBay.  Strangely enough, a large proportion of those buyers, after a short time ,reported the item not received, despite their items being posted.  This appears to be more-so the case with international transactions.  The problem is, if you post to an unconfirmed address, you have little or no protection should a dispute of goods non-receipt be opened, and you are likely to have to refund the buyer.

Should you receive such an order for goods, (regardless of whether you've been paid), ask yourself one question.... WHY are they unconfirmed?

Ebay seem to have noticed that this is a problem and have now added a facility to report buyers with unconfirmed addresses and this can be found under the payment not received dispute console, regardless of whether they have paid or not.

It might be worthwhile changing your policy on this, either stating that you will not post to an unconfirmed address, or, stating that such orders will require that postal insurance is also paid.  I have been stung, and largely on higher priced items, please be aware of this problem.  Because sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers, this problem is likely to be on the increase, however, eBay also indicate that they are stamping down on problematic buyers, provided they are reported.

Please be careful, and pass this on to fellow sellers.
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