Sellers - Beware This latest Buyers Scam

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Sellers Beware The Latest  Buyers Scam!!!

I go by the belief that 99 times out of a hundred my customers are an absolute delight to work with and I love every minute of what I do, however, I have noticed in the last 6 months a growth in a rather ugly activity which involves the abuse of the buyer protection programme by a group of serial scammers. What they do is make a purchase and then will claim to have not received the item. They will then privately message you telling you that the item has not been received and will ask for yet another to be sent out or ask for a refund. These people make a living out of making serial claims of non receipt so they in effect get both your goods and your money.  I recently had another seller contact me about a rather troublesome buyer of mine who she had the misfortune of dealing with, who then went on to contact all the previous sellers who had dealt with her and they all had reported (about ten times in the last month) that the same buyer had claimed to not have received her goods and had demanded a refund or else she was going to leave negative feedback. She had in effect blackmailed seller after seller after seller!!!!.

Where did we go wrong??? We went wrong because we didn't ask them to Open a Case against us!!! We absolutely MUST do that because it means that any problems with a buyer is tracked not only with us but with them. It means that they are on Ebays radar and if all Sellers do that  then we are all protected from the scammers because their activities are then Tracked very very closely. The serial scammers know this and that is why they try to avoid being under the spotlight by the more anonymous private messaging method.

Just one other thing fellow Sellers. I am a great believer in going with your gut and if after advising them to open a case against you, something feels really really wrong about them, then just go to the Resolution Centre and press the "Report a Buyer". It is there for a reason and it will mean that ebay will pay a little extra attention to them.

If we all do this it will mean that us sellers are helping make Ebay a safer and more pleasant place for each and every one of us and we wlll also be freed up to look after our wonderful Genuine Buyers. :-)

Thanks for Reading xx
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