Sellers/Buyers Beware - Nigeria Scammers about!!!!

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I recently got 'done over' by a scammer and thought I would share my experience with everyone else out there so that you too do not get caught out!!

I sold a mobile phone on Ebay. It was an O2 XDA IIs (one of the personal computer phones for those of you that do not know this particular model.) The auction ended, and the item sold for £190.50 GBP. I had put a P&P of £10 on the item. When I checked the auction after it ended the first thing that I saw was that the buyer was no longer a registered user on ebay. This should have triggered alarm bells, but I simply presumed that they had only wanted a 'one off' membership.

When I checked my email, I had received an email from my buyer. She stated that she had made a last minute bid on my item and that she was surprised she had won it. She had 'purchased' the item for her son who is a student in Nigeria who is studying telecommunications. She stated that she was going to pay me £40 for the P&P. I clarified this through a reply email to the buyer, and she confirmed that she was paying me £190.50 + £40 P&P (making a total of £230.50). She said she was going to make the payment through PayPal.

I shortly received an email from PayPal stating that payment had been made. These emails that came from PayPal looked real as they had the PayPal logo and they were addressed to my name rather then "PayPal member, PayPal Customer etc. I then received an email from the buyer stating that she had made payment and I should receive the confirmation from PayPal shortly. I then got another email from PayPal stating that they had received the payment and when I could provide the tracking number to prove that the item had been dispatched, the funds would be credited into my account. As these emails came from 'PayPal' I had no reason to suspect that anything was wrong.

I sent the item (costing me £22) and emailed the reference number as I had been told to do. I checked my PayPal account the next day and as no payment was showing in my account I decided to telephone PayPal to find out what the problem was. I called them and informed them of my siituation and that I was waiting for my money. The lady at PayPal that I spoke to said that the emails that I had received had not been sent by them, and that they were fradulent. She also stated that I should have known that they were fradulent emails!! I asked her how I was supposed to know this as the emails had the paypal logo and all of their details on, and addressed me the way real PayPal emails did!! In the end she said that no payment had been made by the buyer, and that as the transaction had not been made thorugh them there was nothing they could do to help me. They did not seem particuarly bothered that people are imitating them and that these fraudsters are giving PayPal a bad reputation. They suggested I contact the police. This I did, and they gave me a crime reference number, but said that as it was an international crime there was nothing I could do.

After contact emails to the buyer she kept saying that she had spoken to PayPal and it would all be sorted. I then received another email from 'PayPal' stating that there had been a problem sending my payment and that they needed my log in, password, and credit card details so that it could all be reset and I could have my money. After having spoken to the real PayPal and discovering that they will never ask for your personal info I ignored this email and did not respond!!

Consequently I have lost a mobile phone that is worth over £200, the cost of the postage to Nigeria, and also the money it sold for at auction. If I had wanted to give the phone away I could have taken it to a charity shop, but I wanted to sell it to raise some desperatly needed cash!!!!

I wanted to make other Ebayers aware of this so that they do not get done over the way that I have been. If your buyer operates under the name of Rose Jane or has any links to Nigeria THEN DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. Rose Jane or whatever they are called will possibly want the goods to be shipped to the following:

Richard Ehinlaye,
SW9/1010a, No 8, Alade Street, Adeoyo Road, Ring Road,
Oyo State,


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