Sellers Gain Buyers trust and close ebay sales Easily

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Have you ever looked for an item and wanted to ask a question

Then after sending off your question to seller, looked through other items listed only to find something cheaper with a write up answering your question?

What I am getting at here is, Say for example, Someone looks at your item for sale and is really interested in what you are selling and is ready to click on that Buy Now button but is not quite sure if it is the exact size or colour they need.

They know that if they send you a question by email, they may have to wait for a reply and by that time, their impulse to buy is gone!

Sellers, I have found the solution and it works!

Not only can you obtain the trust of the buyer but you can almost always close the deal simply by answering their question over the phone and allowing them the opportunity to get to know that you are a genuine seller.

Offer them the chance to call you without giving out your home phone number!

It is EASY and FREE to get yourself setup with an 0871 non geographic phone number that not only shows you are just a phone call away but also gives a professional look and feel of a professional sales centre. 087 numbers can be diverted to your home or office phone without the caller ever knowing your real phone number.
As far as the caller knows, you could be bassed in London...

My own experience

Since I started to offer a help line for my customers on ebay, I have tripled my sales in just a month, Buyers not only feel more comfortable knowing there is a real person on the other end of the phone, they also are more likely to phone with a question and then say "OK, Go on then I will take one of those" It has happened to me so many times now, I simply say "Thats fine, just use the Buy now button on the ebay listing and make payment, Your item will be with you in a few days". Whats More, you can also upsell other items, Simply Say "Also, you do know that item X is also available, If you go to the ebay search box and type in item number 1234567890 you will see it"

BIELEVE ME, Offering an advice line is the way forward for any ebay seller! 

If you want to try it out, Check out my ebay shop where you can grab your personal 0871 number and have it setup within 24 hours.

No Line rental ever, 0871 number diverts calls to your home or office Landline number.
Sorry, no mobiles





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