Sellers and Buyers BEWARE PAYPAL!!

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I have experienced unsatisfactory experiences from both perspectives in the last two weeks by using ebay's monopolistic, so called "safe", electronic payment system.

Sellers beware because even after you've been paid, and this wasn't even a credit card scam I'm talking about, and the money has been cleared into your account it appears that they can just take it out again when they feel like like it and claim that it was an unauthorised payment.

EVEN BETTER THOUGH, buyers beware especially, I bought a 'new unopened' game from kevdude2000 a couple of weeks ago, and paid by PP. When it arrived guess what? yep, Opened, bits missing etc etc, not very happy especially as I had stressed in comms with him that it was for a gift. So I try mailing said kevdude to which I get the reply 'tough luck sonny jim, sold as seen'. And guess what response I get from ebay when asking for his address to claim through small claims? Sorry, can't do that, data protection. Just wondering how that works because if i had paid by any method other than paypal they would have given me the address straight away. Anyway, being helpful, like they are, when you eventually manage to get a personal response instead of a bog standard computerised reply, they say you can always claim through Paypal. Of course they think we're all stupid and don't know that paypal are gonna charge at least $25 to open an investigation and that money is going to come off anything you get back, in my case they'd be taking about $25 off the $23 I'd be claiming and then the only winner is ebay/paypal and i'm still left with sod all and the cheating scum seller gets no official reprisal. At least if I could take him to court he'd have to pay all the costs when i won the case. So any ideas what to do? can we change policy in any way? Sorry to rant osuch alot on my first posting but I get fed up of crap customer service from ebay and always ending up dissatisfied. I bet this gets censored now and i get my account shut down, now that really would end the week nicely LOL.

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