Sellers at the mercy of bad buyers .

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After being a buyer for many years I decided to sell off my collection of vintage subminiature cameras. Little did I know what I was in for !

Everything was going smoothly at first apart from me trying to find the correct starting price (I've been out of the market a long time and cant seem to work out how the values of certain vintage cameras have changed). After a several days I realized quite a few people were over the due payment date .Hmmm what to do ? I gave them a few days grace hoping they would pay but none did so I clicked the Ebay dispute button to jog memories , after all its not a threat , its just a way of moving things forward through the correct channels .It had the desired effect with most but five buyers still ignored the prompt .

I was talking to a friend about this and he told me "be careful your at the buyers mercy " . He explained that he'd had the same problem and started to get negative feedback from the people he'd disputed with for no reason . Now here's  the killer ! I didn't realize you "can not " leave negative feedback as a seller anymore .

One person I sent a dispute form to actually mailed back complaining saying more or less that it wasn't her fault she couldn't get the money together just yet ! Unbelievable . She eventually paid up but has done the same thing again this week and hasn't left me any feed back yet for the last package I sent her . I always leave feedback as soon as the buyer pays as that's the way it should be in an ideal world but I'm not so sure now.
I also received my first "RED" negative this week after nearly 9 years of 100%  perfect feedback , from a buyer in France that didn't even bother to contact me first to explain what his problem actually was . Great !
Just looking at that big "RED" mark makes my blood boil . 


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