Sellers be aware you are vulnerable

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Traditionally Ebay has been a meeting of buyers and sellers, all using the feedback system to voice trading experiences, It wasn't perfect but sellers at least could faithfully report buyers who were taking advantage , For years many items sold have been sent to unscrupulous buyers who then would swap and return an identical but  damaged item claiming  goods had been sent 'not as described' , Of course the opposite was true also and likely even more widespread. Some years ago I sold a collection of pendelphin china rabbits, 1 of which was valuable, they were paid for and sent, shortly after I received an email telling me the valuable rabbit had been broken and glued back together and I had not stated this in my description, I immediately gave the buyer a negative feedback and a dispute was opened,  ebay rightly found in my favour.

In the last year things have quite dramatically changed, Ebay has cleverly manipulated buyer fears to markedly increase their  profits by forcing sellers to use Paypal, ebay's bank as a payment option and in some cases it's the only option, The sellers right to give negative feedback has been withdrawn and Paypal now has the power to freeze funds  and even remove money from paypal accounts without the account holders permission and with no external legal process, Paypals decision is final and general opinion is that it almost always sides with the buyer. I am in no way accusing ebay of inpropriety, but sellers do need to be aware, I am not sure if sellers can protect themselves effectively whilst buyers are so blatently favoured, but obvious steps would be to state rigid and extensive detailed terms and conditions in sale descriptions along with gaining an awareness of the legal obligations pertaining to internet selling.

It seems to me the beginning of the end of the ebay hobby seller, when  a hobby feels like a job, it's no longer a hobby,    

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