Sellers being treated unfairly

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I'm thinking about packing up as a seller on here (i've done this for 5 years had to start a new acc cause i moved and lost all my info!) since this new feedback system came in where sellers can't leave negative i'm having alot of problems with buyers not paying and we can't even leave feedback to say so, so what is the point in feedback now?  I have contacted ebay with this complaint asking what am i susposed to do about all this but just get the same answer - put them in a dispute, which we can't do for 7 days.  I don't know if any other sellers are experiencing this problem but i think it has got worse and us sellers just have to deal with all the s*** that our buyers dish out to us.  Half my favorite sellers some with over 3000+ feedback who have been sellers for years are no longer registered i know why they left - i find ebay totally unfair to its sellers.  Thank you and i'd love to hear from you if you feel the same - or you don't :)


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