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Not everyone is like us! ☠

ebay is a great way to de-clutter your life and make money at the same time. You can buy one of a kind pieces, vintage items or those sold out shoes from Topshop that you can't find anywhere for love nor money, or you can sell these wondrous things and spread joy to others! It's just a shame that a small group of people see it differently to us and as a money making scam, conning people out of not only the items you've sent but then your money on top of this. 

I sell a lot of items frequently and now and then I have to experience some unpleasant people. Most recently I had an email from PayPal to say that a buyer of one of my items from 6 weeks ago has not received the item and would like a full refund.
   Firstly, I imagine I'm not the only person to think why this buyer had not contacted me sooner than 6 weeks after supposedly not receiving an item. Secondly, I wondered why the dispute case wasn't opened here on ebay. After learning from previous situations (which I will post about later) I now post all items recorded delivery. This way you are protected in dispute cases as the item can be traced on Royal Mail's website and a signature with printed name can be viewed online, also showing the date and time the item was delivered to the address.
   Instantly, I copied the tracking number into Royal Mail's website and viola the same person who emailed me to say she wanted a refund had signed for the item on the 31st January at 11:42am. Despite this outstanding evidence that this person is lying, PayPal have 'held' the balance in my account and have penalised me for "not sending the item" which is in no way fair or just.
   I immediately called PayPal to fight my corner and what they told me was this - apparently to support my evidence that the person has infact signed for the item by screenshotting the Royal Mail website, I also had to send a photo of the receipt. Without the actual copy of the receipt, my side of the dispute would be hindered and harder for me to battle, therefore the sneaky buyer was relying on me to have thrown the receipt away, as lets face it - who would keep a 6 week old receipt?? Me that's who! Luckily I had kept the bulk of my ebay receipts so had no problem sending this in. 
    Surprise, surprise the buyer hasn't responded to any of my emails, any of PayPal's emails but still has the case open with fingers crossed I imagine. 

Therefore my advice to sellers is this:
1) always post all items recorded delivery! 2nd class recored is £3.20 for a small parcel and £3.90 for a large which is a reasonable cost to guarantee the buyer that they will receive their item safely and it's traceable!
2) keep onto receipts until you receive feedback! If you never receive any feedback, I always send a polite message to check everything was ok and if they got the item.

I hope this has helped any new sellers and hopefully we can work together to combat these greedy losers who want amazing items for nothing! In the real world this is called shoplifting!

Gemma xx

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