Sellers have no Rights

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Im sure many of you have had this happen to you, I had an item listed and it was BUY IT NOW or bidding .The buyer bought it out right on BIN

I said to myself ,great, I  need the space,, few hours later phone rang and a voice started to go on about item they had bought, Now he didnt want it I expected that ,,he thought it was an old Victorian item dirt cheap,and to save anyone else bidding, he  did BIN , he asked straight away How old is it, I told him wouldnt know I removed from a skip when an old pub was being demolished in early 70s,so he just then said I will send back your listing fee's if  I  dont report him to Ebay,by making a claim for unpaid item... so next few days past I even sent my address still no replies, it was obvious this guy had no intentions of sending me the listing fee's that were wasted,,

So I claimed them from Ebay, next got message from buyer with abusive name calling, I ignored it, and waited for Ebay to give back Fee's instead I got a Red mark against me, they didnt even bother to check my description my listing didnt state how old it was ,just that I got it in 70s,that didnt mean it was made in 70s or earlier I just found it then,,but that made no difference to Ebay I was still branded with Red mark,,, 

That is all wrong  why should I get that for obeying Ebay Rules and wonder no one makes claims to be treated like this.

So remember If your buyer changes their mind you just have to accept the red mark against your character as Ebay doesnt give a fig..for you as a seller.If you make a claim and your reluctant buyer fabricates something against you then Ebay makes you suffer,after all they just want commission and forget you

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