Sellers stating that their products are genuine.

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Most sellers on EBAY will state that their items are genuine, including this seller. I believe that, by stating this fact, it will give more confidence to buyers that they can trust this seller, and at least have a case of mis-advertising their goods, therefore evidence to pass on to EBAY, and it's members, that the particular buyer is not being totally honest, regarding his/her listing. I will add, though, that at times, a fake is very hard to spot. As rule of thumb, I go by the look of the disc itself. Look at the DVD sleeve, the art work, and how good, or bad it looks, check the Case, and finally, give the disc a good look over. See the artwork on the front of the disc, then look on the back(playing side). I will not entertain any discs that are coloured other than silver. Whilst not saying that all other coloured discs are all fake, it is very unusual for any DVD company, especialy DISNEY, to use any other but silver. I HOPE THAT THIS ARTICLE HELPS YOU SOMEWHAT.  PLEASE BE AWARE, AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PURCHASES.




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