Sellers who don't leave buyer feedback

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Sellers who don't leave buyer feedback

Why oh why do a lot of sellers not bother with the common courtesy of leaving their customers feedback?

I can understand a new member getting to grips with the system and maybe taking a while to leave feedback... but why do a lot of major sellers simply not bother or take ages to complete customer feedback?

I realise that most professional sellers opt for the automated system of leaving feedback, albeit with a 'standard' and often repeated response.

My point of writing this guide is simply this... I firmly believe that once a buyer has made payment, they should automatically and without exception receive feedback.

After all, is this not their part of the deal fulfilled?

Certainly time for change?

I would appreciate a 'yes' vote and be assured, pressure will be brought to bear with the powers that be at eBay.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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