Sellers who falsely advertise new with tags

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My advice to this seller is move on and no more nastiness the items were advertised as new with tags accept they were not and were sold for charity as the seller did not want them back. I filed a case and got all the money back. In fact I was told to "go away the case is closed when I offered to send them back.. The seller was lucky not to be done by the Trading Standards. I was pleased I raised money for Cancer Active from most of the briefs. Some went to a Cancer Research Charity shop.

The seller has done a guide about me. It was long and contained offensive material. Her ME page kept changing too This has now been revised. I could disclose her identity by listing this guide in the the topics she has listed under but I'm not nasty. However I reacted to her nastiness about her  ME page by reporting her to Ebay. In her guide she is asking people to turn up unannounced to sort it out face to face. I did consider taking her to court as she actually mentioned one of my unique listings on her ME page. She also lied during the case by stating the item did have labels on the outside and inside of the item. They didn't!.

The seller became more and more offensive. I lost my dad and mother in law last year to cancer. On her ME page she wrote the most hurtful offensive comments about my widowed mum and widowed father in law. I found this incredible as she states she lost her husband. One would think she would know better. However there is no reasoning with the unreasonable.

Only brand goods can be advertised as new with tags all other items from stores must be EX and have the tags removed of defaced. This has to be done to comply with wholesale regulations under British law.

I have no interest in this member anymore and the last time I looked she wasn't selling. I don't care and actually I wish her luck if she is selling and not advertising falsely. She had a note asking people to add her to facebook. I value my buyers but this is an unrelated website and I have to know people before I would consider adding anyone.

A member of my family took it upon herself to avenge me, that member of my family got a telling off from me. Revenge is not good or sweet.

If this member reads this guide again I wish to get on with my life so please get on with yours and stop taking an interest in my items. If anyone else has had problems with sellers then please feel free to message me through Ebay. I will not stoop to inviting people to facebook.

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