Selling Clothing

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Here are some tips for getting a buyer interested in your item, and for making a happy buyer.

1. Describe the item in the title.
Include size, colour/pattern and brand or shop name. Words such as "stunning" or "gorgeous" are not a necessity as these are subjective, and probably won't be included in many searchers keywords.
2. Make sure it is listed correctly.
List them in the clothing category, but also ensure they are in ladies, mens or childrens, and under the right type i.e. tops, jackets, trousers.
3. Describe it accurately.
Expand on what you have said in the title. Is it new or has it been worn several times? Describe any faults.
4. Include at least one picture.
If you want to show it from several angles or use a close up, but don't want to pay for several images, cut and paste different pictures together in paint and upload as one image. Make sure any pictures are the right way up (windows picture and fax viewer allows for easy rotation of pictures). Try not to  use a picture that requires you to say "the marks are on the camera not the item", or  anything similar.
5. Be honest.
Don't gloss over faults, or say an item is new when it isn't as the buyer will probably challenge you about it when they receive it.
6. Keep to the point
Don't ramble, be factual about what it is you are selling. There is no need for screeds and screeds of terms and conditions, keep it simple especially for inexpensive items.
7. Keep postage as low as possible.
Weigh your item and the post office website  will tell you how much it will cost for various different services. If you must, add a small amount for the packaging. 99p for a nice t-shirt is a bargain, but the £3.50 for postage ruins it a bit.

Happy Selling!

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