Selling Ebooks on Ebay

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Ebay is an extremely pwoerful tool, with millions of sellers and buyers. The "E-book" buisness is growing every day and is becoming very popular. There are thousands of ebook sellers, that sell al differnet types of ebooks, some successful others not.

Some tips for ebook sellers:

Feedback is the most important selling factor. With a good feedback rating, your products will sell, once you get past the 100 and 200 barrier, the amount of ebooks you sell increases. As long as you keep your feedback above the 98% level then that fine.


Listing time is very important, obviously you have to think when the most people are going to be on ebay, this is usually around 8 at night, a good day is Sundays when most people are in, and not out. Making sure you item ends at a time when alot of buyers are on will increase your sells.


Ebay Shops, are very useful and every seller shoudl have one. Making your shop known to your prospective buyers does not just end with the button next to your username. Put a logo on every item that you sell. This way you will attract their attention even more.


The last and most important is respect to your buyers. Being polite to your buyers will never hurt and could gurantee a second sale in the furture. Being a polite seller is not hard, so DO IT, it will not only increase your sells but will make eBay a better place.


Hope you have benefitted from a couple of these tips, please check out my eBay shop for more ebooks on how to sell on eBay.



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