Selling Ebooks on eBay

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eBay is a great choice for selling information products like ebooks because the cost of set-up is low but the potential customer base and selling opportunity is huge and it's quick and easy to set-up and start selling within a matter of hours. Also, there are many tools available to help automate your ebook selling business so that it runs by itself in the background. I'll describe some of these, what they cost and how you can use them to make your life easier later in this article.

Of course, eBay can also have it's drawbacks for the same reasons that make it attractive. For example, because it's easy to set-up and start selling ebooks, sometimes there can be a lot of sellers all trying to sell the same item which can drive the selling prices down due to market saturation. This is where having a great feedback rating and offering things like instant delivery can really set you apart from the crowd. I'll take a look at some of these issues as well. Before we get to that, however, I want to cover a few basic but extremely important aspects of selling ebooks on ebay.

Tips For Your Listing Title

The title that you choose for your listing is probably the most important factor in whether your auction is a success or not. Think about it, how do people find things on eBay? Well, most people search using keywords or phrases that describe the type of item that they are looking for. It's therefore important that when you are writing your listing title, you try and put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and try and think of the words that they may use to serach for.

Also, try and include compelling words or phrases such as:
- How to ...
- Secrets of ...
- The Facts About ...
- Learn ...

The reason these words work well is that people who are looking for information products will generally want to learn new things or find out secrets about a certain topic and these really hit that spot.

You should also try and use capital letters to highlight the key parts of your title. For example, just look at the difference this simple tip can make in these identical listing titles:

How to auto deliver your digital products ebook resell!

How to AUTO DELIVER Your Digital Products Ebook RESELL!

In the second one, notice how every word starts with a capital and the key points are all in capitals. When this is listed amongst many similar items it has a much better chance of standing out and therefore attracting potential buyers.


Tips For Your Listing Description

Your listing description needs to give sufficient information to get people to want to buy but my advice would be to try and keep it simple. You sometimes see listings with every available font, colour and flash banner that's available. In my opinion, this just distracts from the message they are trying to get over and is totally unneccesary. I use a plain white background with black Verdana size 10 font. This looks professional and legible.

Your listing description is a good opportunity to tell people about yourself, what makes you different and why people should buy from you as opposed to other sellers. A good idea is to list your key trading terms at the end of the listing such as:

- Delivery details - emphasise this is free and instant if selling digital items. This is the main attraction of ebooks!
- Returns policy - I would recommend that you always include a full refund guarantee to give your buyers confidence. In my experience, very few people abuse this and if someone does ask for a refund just process it politely and promptly and you will benefit in the long term.
- Payment methods - list out which methods of payment you accept.

If you are listing loads of items, it's a good idea to create a listing template. You can do this by using a simple program such as Auction-O-Matic which lays out everthing for you and ensures that you don't miss any key headings etc. This is a great piece of software which I use all the time - you can get more information about it here MyNetBooks About Me Page


Automating Your Sales on eBay

There are a couple of tools that will help to sell eBooks on eBay on auto-pilot.

The first one is called My Digital Dispatch. You can find more details about it here MyNetBooks About Me Page. I can't say enough good things about this little piece of software! You set it up once with your ebook inventory and items for sale and it then takes care of delivering all of your digital items instantly and totally automatically for you once your buyers have paid.

Another invaluable tool that I use is called Selling Manager Pro and it's provided by eBay. You have to subscribe to get the Pro version, at a cost of £4.99 per month, with a free 30 day trial to start off with, but it's well worth it. It has loads of features and is worthy of a newsletter article in it's own right, but the ones I want to emphasise today are as follows:

Automatic Feedback - you can set some rules so that after your buyer leaves you positive feedback the system will automatically leave positive feedback in return. It chooses comments at random from a list that you can set up in advance. This saves me masses of time and also means that I don't leave positives for anyone until I've received a positive first (which is definitely the right way round - believe me I've tried leaving positive feedback first and it doesn't really work!)
Scheduled Listing - with this feature you can schedule your listings to start when you want. Normally you get charged for using this feature but it's free if you subscribe to Selling Manager Pro. This allows me to load up multiple listings but spread them out by, say, 15 minute intervals so that they don't all end at exactly the same time. I can then upload them to eBay and leave the system to list them at the scheduled time.
Automatic Re-listing - this feature allows you to set some criteria for re-listing your items whether thay sell or not. It means that once you've set an item up it will keep being re-listed without any manual internvention and again saves loads of tme.

You can sign up for Selling Manager Pro here.

Finally, I want to mention Turbo Lister. I guess most people have herad of this but just in case you haven't, it's basically a free download from eBay and it's an excellent tool for designing and uploading your listings. It retains a copy of all of the items you've listed and can synchronise with eBay so that you can re-list items without starting from scratch.

You can get your free copy of Turbo Lister here.


Getting Positive Feedback

Positive feedback from your buyers is extremely important in establishing you as a credible and trustworthy seller. The best way to ensure that you always receive positive feedback is to sell quality products, always do what you say you will do and offer a full refund for anyone that is not satisfied with their purchase. It's also important to remain polite when dealing with your customers, no matter how awkward or unreasonable they may become. At the end of the day it's in your own interests, because, if you receive too many negatives or neutrals, you will end up seriously damaging your eBay reputaion and then you won't be as successful as other sellers offering similar products.

One thing that I always do is to include a couple of paragraphs about feedback in the email that I send to successful bidders after the auction, as follows:

Thank you so much for choosing to buy from MyNetBooks. We know you have a lot of choice and we really appreciate your business.

If you are happy with your item then please remember to leave positive feedback and we will do the same for you.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, for any reason, please contact us, before leaving feedback, at:

my email address

We always respond within 24 hours and usually much sooner and we guarantee to resolve any issues you may have.

This seems to work and means that if there are any issues you can resolve them before your buyer leaves feedback.

Getting An eBay Store

I would recommend that if you are going to sell ebooks you get an eBay Store. A basic eBay store will cost you £6.00 per month, but, again is well worth it.

The advantage of having a store is that you can list many items on a semi-permanent basis, for example, using a store listing you can list one item as "good 'till cancelled" for just 6p per month. This means that you have a permanent presence on the web without investing in your own website and you can advertise it to drive potential customers to your eBay auctions. You can also promote your eBay store web site address in all of the emails that you send out using a signature file at the end of the email. Here is an example of one I use, as follows:


Get 100's of eBooks from only 1p at my eBay store:


This helps to drives traffic to your eBay store.



So to sum up then, to successfully sell ebooks on eBay you need to pay attention to your listing title and description - less is more and remember those keywords. You can put everything on auto-pilot with a few inexpensive tools some of which, like Selling Manager Pro, are available from eBay. Keep in mind my simple tips regarding feedback. You should soon start to see your positive feedback rating rising, gaining you the credibility and trust that you need to be a successful seller. Finally, it's a good idea to get an eBay store as it provides a permanent presence for your ebook business without worrying about getting your own website.

So, isn't it about time you tried selling ebooks on eBay?

Best Regards,

Dave - eBay member mynetbooks

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