Selling Fees & Postage Costs - Info For Buyer & Seller

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Selling Fees & Postage Costs - Info For Buyer & Seller
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Okay - sellers charge "way over the odds" for postage. Buyers always moan because they "paid more than what it says on the stamp".

So, as a buyer & a seller myself, I'll try to explain both sides of the postage cost arguement...

Ebay & Paypal charge sellers fees. A typical £5 item with a £2 postage cost which sells on ebay, and is paid for through Paypal will cost the seller:

Item Listing Fee: 35p

Item Sale Fee: 5.25% = 26p

Paypal fee for Item & Postage Cost: 20p + 3.4% per transaction = 44p

Total cost of fees = £1.05

On this particular transaction, the seller has lost over 20% of any profit in Ebay & Paypal fees.

Please note - sellers are NOT allowed to surcharge to cover their fees any more. Any UK seller asking you to "add 4% to the total" - do not bid and report them to ebay via the Safety Centre.

Sellers are, however, allowed to add a "reasonable" amount to the postage cost to cover some, or all of the fees.

I have seen many peoples feedback saying "rip off postage, I paid £1.00 and it only had a 30p stamp on it". If you read the description, you were aware of the postage cost before bidding, and you went ahead and purchased the item, you were thereby agreeing to such postage costs.

Don't complain about it afterwards!

Please also take into consideration the seller has to package your item. Packaging materials are by no means cheap, I once spent over £100 on bubble wrap, flo-pac, boxes, Jiffy envelopes & tape, which only lasted about 100 sales - that's £1 per sale just on packaging alone! Also, travelling to the post office, arranging the courier etc. - it all takes time and a certain amount of effort.

On the other hand, you do have sellers who blatently take the mick with postage costs! They're either trying to avoid paying fees, or they didn't get as much for their item as they'd hoped, and they're trying to make up for it with the postage. Such sellers won't include the postage costs in their listings, or they'll charge £4 for insurance, which you "must" have. I was recently watching a model car from a Canadian seller. The international postage was £20. Fair enough, air mail is expensive. However, they said international bidders MUST purchase insurance for an additional £3, but to purchase insurance, you must also pay an additional £20 for a tracking number! So, with £43 postage costs, the item was deleted from my watched items list. The same item was available from a seller in California, who shipped via airmail, fully insured with tracking for only $22, about £11 in our money!

If you're in doubt about postage - a buyer who doesn't want to pay over the odds, a seller who doesn't want to charge over the odds - weigh the item (or a similar item) on your kitchen (or bathroom) scales and go to the Royal Mail or Parcel Force website. All the prices are on there - 1st class, 2nd class, standard parcels, special delivery, air mail... add what you think is reasonable for packaging (see Euro Office website for packaging supplies & costs) and you will have roughly the postage cost.

For example:

A DVD with plastic case weighs approximately 120g

A JL1 Jiffy envelope (DVD size) weighs approximately 15g

The packaged weight is therefore 135g

Now you have the approximate weight, go to the Royal Mail website. A DVD in a JL1 Jiffy envelope is well within the size restrictions for 'Large Letter' and should be just under 25mm thick, so:

1st Class 'Large Letter' 101g to 250g = 65p postage

Add to that, the cost of the envelope  = 17p (Based on Euro Office price of £17.03 per 100)

Total ACTUAL postage cost = 82p

Most sellers will charge between £1.00 - £1.50 p+p for a DVD, which I think is reasonable. Any more than that, I'd be looking elsewhere...

If you feel this information has helped you in any way, please vote YES

Thank you

Obviously, the 'no' votes come from sellers who make huge profits from ripping people off with their extorsionate postage costs!!

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