Selling Harmonicas

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HI, so you have a harmonica for sale, well here are a few tips that might help you and the buyer. If it is a second hand harp, the buyer will almost certainly be a collector, who will want the harp in the best condition it can be. This DOES NOT mean fully cleaned and polished by you!. Most cleaning done by sellers only does more damage to the harmonica and makes it more difficult to restore/repair. If there are screws or pins missing, DONT replace them with the nearest size pin/screw you have, this does more damage.  If it is damp, DONT dry it out with a heat source, allow it to dry naturally at normal room temperature. I know a lot of people will not put a second hand harp near their mouth, but it can be blown through a piece of paper with a small hole cut in it to test the reads on blow. A piece of lint or other fine linen will allow it to be tested without the fear of bits coming out of it, into the mouth. DO NOT spray the harp with anything. as these can do damage. In the UK, most harps can be posted to anywhere in the UK for less than £2.00p, and still leave a bit of profit. Why then do we see so many sellers asking the postage rates for 1 or 2 Kgs of weight?, which they then post in a padded envelope at best, or an ordinary envelope at worst???. Harps NEED PROTECTING in the post. You would not believe how many good scarce harps I have recieved that have been CRUSHED in the mail. Always use a small stout cardboard box to send them, even if they are already in their original box, as the original box is a good part of the value to a collector. I hope this will be of some help, I know if you read it and take note it is sure to help the person you are selling it to, which might be me!, and it gave me a chance to gripe about packing them!.

Dave Bull.

My EBAY name G6PJE (Registered Amateur Call sign) will find my website in any search engine, why not have a look, there are more tips and harps there and I am always willing to help anyone with what info I have.

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