Selling Internationally - Spoof pay pal emails.

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I was relatively new to ebay and was selling an expensive piece of jewellry. It sold to a supposed lady in the US on buy it now. I had only sold a few items on ebay and nothing internationally. I must have stuck out like a sore thumb when my selling history was viewed by these people.

I received spoof emails from what I thought was PAYPAL (which the police - couldn't differentiate from original paypal emails). I was told the payment was pending and I had to ship the goods within 24hrs to a London address. I was also told to send the postal docket reference.

To cut a long story short, there never was any money waiting for me as the emails were good fakes. If you post anything in the UK, it is legally the recipitent's as soon as you post it - so I couldn;t get it back.

The moral of the story is, this is an ebay loop hole and only send what you're selling if the payment has been confirmed through your paypal account NOT BY EMAIL.

The police went to the address and it's a dead letterbox - used for this type of thing.

This also happened again to me when I was selling a mobile phone. Luckily I was clued up so I ignored the emails and put the item back on ebay. Africa/Nigeria and the States always figure in the equasion.

Please beware - just wish it had all happened the other way round. Phone first, jewellry second. Ebay cannot do anything about this - so you totally lose everything.

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