Selling Pokémon Cards UK

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To start off I am just a

beginner selling only a few 
cards  but here are some of
the basics of selling any kind 
of cards but particularly 
Pokémon cards.

The Basics

  • Firstly remember when selling ultra rare individual cards to at least have a sleeve , top loader and mailed in a padded/bubble mailer. These are for protection and cards look very good in them- it is  necessary to point these out to reassure buyers. 
  • Buy any mailers and other items in bulk as you could save a lot of money thus increasing your profits. When buying all of this  I would expect to spend £6-£9 for everything.
  • If you want to see big profits sell individually rather than in huge collections which usually fetch £60-£100 which is usually under half of the individual cards worth
  • GET TITLES AND DESCRIPTION RIGHT- Titles should have name, set and number at least.
  • As with selling anything on Ebay try to use free shipping it gives you 5 stars  for shipping costs and gives off a professional look from the beginning
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  • Be patient especially at the beginning things might not sell but if you play your cards right then they'll start to.
  • Offer people extras and when delivering items give people a small freebie i.e an online tcg code card as this encourages good feedback and shows you care.
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