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Hi all

I have  been collecting postcards since i was child so i know quite a bit about the topic.  Coming across ebay was a god send with regards to expanding my collection, but was very disapointed in what was on offer and shock to see purchases i had made wasn't exactly what i expected.

Many sellers buy their collections from bootsales, auctions etc...they rummaged through take out the best postcards and then sell it on as orignal and untouched, which in most cases is isnt.  With their surplus stock of unwanted postcards they sell as bulk lots, which usually contains a few vintage at the forefront of the photo and and all the ones they dont want you to see(the modern postcards) they have used to bump up the collection at the back. So my advice is just be aware of what you are buying, if you want vintage make sure your buying vintage ask questions and get the sellers to send scans of all the postcards so you know what you are buying.

Postcards collecting has become increasingly popular with prices for bulk/albums going through the roof and seller are going to take advantage of this.

My advice to anyone adding or wanting to start a collection is to avoid sellers who sell in bulk and have not shown all the postcards you are buying, to me it shows they are trying to hide the crap they are selling, i have been had by this many a time over the last few months and thought it right to share these experiances. Im not going to name any seller in particular as i feel this guide might actually give them the spur to make there listings show what you are actually buying, it doesnt take much to show 500 postcards in about 4 pictures. 

Who wants to buy 500 vintage topo postcards only to find when you recieve them there is actually 20 real vintage postcards from 1920'30's and the rest are from the 80's or 90's but considered old because they are more the 10 yrs old.  This is a waste of money as real collectors like myself  will just throw them away as they are no good and do not compliment a vintage collection.

Also i wish they wouldnt break up vintage postcards albums, they should be sold exaclty how they were purchased, it adds to the value for a start if the album is in tact and original .....and all cards are from and to family members.

Thankyou for reading this


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