Selling Thomson Holiday Gift Cards

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I had an auction go wrong because a third party used the card details to claim the card leaving me £300 out of pocket and much wiser.  The purpose of this guide is to help prevent this happening elsewhere.

Although Thomson state that the Gift Card should be treated as cash, with the dangers and benefits that this has, it would be much better to treat the card like an iTunes card where credit is given through the numbers on the back.

Do not give out the details on the back of the card. It may be tempting to show the back since the information can be used there to verify the credit on the card, but alas , there is sufficient information on the back of the card for a third party to claim the balance. This is what happened to me. 

Although I had physical possession of the card, Thomson would not pursue rectifying the position with me direct and would only deal with the Police. There may be good reasons for this, but further delays any expectation of a successful recovery. 

Be careful.
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