Selling Vintage Postcards on Ebay

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I have been selling Postcards in various ways for 10 years, starting at fairs and collect's events and now solely on Ebay. I want to write a short guide to help you have some success if you are considering embarking on the world of postcards. 1. Never Pay more than 25P per card if buying in bulk. This gives you scope to lower your asking price and give you a competitive road into the market. Look at local boot sales, house clearances, auction houses for a great supply of stock, other ebay sellers also sell in bulk what I do is split these down and sell cards individually there is potential for more profit doing this. If you find a great source of cards be sure to keep it to yourself!!. 2. Tell your customers as much as you can, collectors of postcards are a funny lot! some collect by Publisher, date, location, artist, even the stamp on the back, scanning the card and letting the buyer know as much as possible not only gives you a broader base to sell to but also cuts down on the amount of questions and the amount of returned items that were "not as described" 3. Get yourself a look! Use a template or a certain style of font in your listings, there are many auction management sites out there Auctiva is a good one and for small fee you can have a template, multiple pictures, shipping, checkout details and a free shop! these things will greatly increase your listing speed and the more listings, the more sales 4. Scan! Make sure that you scan your cards on the correct resolution, they are straight, the right way round and look professional. scan the back if it has a good dates, publisher, postmark or message this might tempt a buyer to bid on your item over someone else's! 5. Cut your losses! Only list the card twice, Change the Title on the second listing and if it doesn't sell? Bundle it into 25, 30 or 50 cards, take some pictures and sell them as a job lot!! Now some maths!! we've paid 25p for a card, 20p on listing fees, (45p so far) selling 50 at £5.99 covers most if not all the costs!! and you have sold ALL your cards. I have worked in the retail industry for 15 years and have never come across a line that sells 100% of the time!! it pays to have fresh stock, this keeps customers coming back!!! 6. Payment time!! except as many types of payment as you can! cheques, PayPal, postal orders, bakers drafts. Not every has or likes using Paypal!! don't wait for cheques to clear this will just discourage sellers as they may wait up to 10 days for an item!! I hope this helps anyone reading this and if you need any more help or support please feel free to message me!!
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