Selling a mobile phone

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Hi, to all new sellers, when listing a mobile phone to sell, you can select what countries your bids can come from. My advice would be to sell in Europe only as many people have sent their phone and were never paid. This is how the scam works, a bidder, normally from Asia, puts in a massive bid right at the very end of the auction, or they will offer you a great price if you end the item and sell it to them. They then send you a very good FAKE email that looks very much like it has come from paypal. This email will say that the payment is being held untill a tracking number is sent, the only way you can get a tracking number is to post the item (big mistake) once posted you can not get it back, even if you wait for the postman to open the box. That's the last you see of your phone, and never will you see the payment in your account. Hope this helps.
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