Selling authentic designer clothing on eBay

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Selling designer clothing on eBay is difficult due to the vast number of fakes which drag the value of the authentic items down (a lot of buyers cannot tell the difference between real and fake). This guide will explain how to list your item so your buyers are assured of its authenticity.

PLEASE NOTE: This article will not help you if you are trying to sell a fake item!


  • People like to know where the item they bought came from. Ideally you will have a receipt and/or original packaging. Take hi-res pictures of these (MUST be legible! I have seen lots of illegible ones and it has put me off bidding) and include them in the auction. Also note in the item description:
  • Where the item originally came from and how much was paid for it. If you bought it from eBay, contact one of the brand's stores and check that it is authentic before listing it - then add in your listing that you are happy for the buyer to do the same.
  • What season the item came from, if you are able to find this out.
  • If possible, link to a picture from the designer's official site (don't use this as part of your listing as it will be a copyright violation) so people can compare your (beautifully taken!) pictures with it.


  • It is worth paying for extra pictures, as the more the bidder can see of the item the more likely they will be to bid. Pictures should be clear and should show multiple views (serial code etc). If you take a picture of the serial code make sure it is legible, though you may want to obscure part of the code using photoshop so fakers can't take it.
  • Watermark your pictures or you may find other unscrupulous eBayers using them!
  • If your camera has a macro mode, find out how to use it and then take close-up pictures of the detail, this will highlight the quality.
  • Don't use flash photography - take your pictures under natural light to get the best detail. Uncluttered backgrounds add to the effect.
  • Make sure there's a thumbnail picture by the listing to draw bidders in.

Ensuring you get the best value for the item

  • Search completed listings to see if anyone has sold your item before, and if so how much they sold it for. Search internationally as there aren't always a lot of similar items on eBay.
  • Reserve prices are off-putting. If you are nervous about your item not selling for enough, it's better to put a buy it now price on and starting relatively high, nobody likes to see "Reserve not met," when they're trying to figure out how much to bid.
  • Include pictures of celebrities who have been seen toting the item, and put their names in the main listing (NOT in the header, that looks tacky).
  • Write a detailed, spell-checked description.
  • Use a 7 day auction to allow the maximum amount of viewers, 1 day is not long enough. If at first it doesn't sell, persevere!
  • Report items you suspect may be fake to eBay so that honest eBayers can get the right price for their items.


  • Include the specific model/design name in the auction.
  • Take pictures of the serial code if the item has one, and all other codes/tags that may be on the item, but watermark them to prevent fakers stealing them.
  • Include all original packaging/authenticity cards.
  • Offer a full refund if the item is found not to be authentic (of course, if you're selling an authentic item, you will never need to do this!)
  • Answer questions promptly and put them on public view so that other eBayers who may have the same questions can also find the answers and be reassured.
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