Selling cars on Ebay.

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Hi, and welcome to my Ebay guide.


Selling cars on eay is a mixed bag of tricks. So heres a few helpful tips to make life easier.

1, Offers.

You will recieve offers from potential buyers. If your happy to accept offers then thats fine, otherwise place a note on the listing stating that the auction will run until the end and you are not accepting offers on the vehicle. If you choose to accept an offer on the vehicle then be aware that you may recieve more buy letting the auction run, most people will only bid in the last few minutes. Also the listing cannot be removed if the auction has less then 12 hours left.

2, Non-payers.

Be aware that there is a small ammount of people who will bid on your car/bike and will then mess you around. Ive recently had a guy bid on the car im selling and then say "sorry its too much, ive changed my mind" He was immediatley reported to ebay where it is now in their hands to deal with him. Im not saying everyone is like this, but there is always a few.

3, Honesty is the best policy.

Be honest about the vehicle your selling, if it has a small scratch mention this on the listing. If there is sometehing majorly wrong with the vehicle make sure you put this on the listing in big bold letters. Buyers will expect you to be honest and mention everything! Also mention if you have had any recent work done, i.e new clutch, brakes, exhaust ect. If you are completely honest about the vehicle on the listing then they have no reason not to pay.

4, V5 also known as the Logbook.

It is now illegal to sell a vehicle without the logbook. A new one can be obtained from the DVLA via their website or by phone and will cost you £25. If you dont have the logbook then obtain a new one before placing your listing.

5, new "Ebayers" and low feedback.

Everyone had a low feedback score when they started ebay therefore i always give them a chance. If you are unsure of new ebayers bidding on your vehicle then place a not on the listing asking them to call you or email you first so you can verify them before they bid.

6, Documents.

I alwasy keep every document and receipt for the car im selling. Weather its a receipt for new tyres or new gearbox its always a good thing to show these to the new owner. This shows any work you have had done to the vehicle recently or in the past.

7, Receipt.

When the new owner comes to collect the vehicle make sure you write out 2 reciepts both stating the date of collection, names of both persons involved, the full car details, reg, colour, make etc and "SOLD AS SEEN" this ensures from a legal point of view that if the new owner comes back to you in a week saying he wants his money back because something has gone wrong, you have already got him to sign a slip saying he was happy with the vehicle when purchased. Therefore, now his/her problem.  


Well thats it for now, just a few handy hints i always follow that have kept me in good stead selling vehicles. If you have any other problems Ebay help center is usually quick to respond to emails and will provide you with the answers.

Happy bidding and selling to all.

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