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A few tips for selling clothes on ebay.

Upload as many photos as you can, make sure you take them in good light so that the colour comes through as accurate as possible. Take pictures of all labels: the make, size, material and washing instructions. If there are any defects take clear pictures of them. Photograph the item from as many different angles as possible and if there is any detail on the item, take a clear picture of that.

Give as detailed a description as possible, point out good AND bad points, that way people know exactly what they are getting and will appreciate honesty.

Be sure you put the size the item actually says it is, then add if you feel that it may be slightly bigger/smaller than the label says, if there is no size label, make this clear and state that your sizing is not based on a label, but on the fit of the item.

Make an effort with your description, colour the text, use capitals and full stops and make sure you put important detail in the description in a clear and obvious font and colour, for example an arial font in red capitals is good when stating that you do not accept returns, or only accept PayPal.

Check your account regularly and if anyone asks you a question about the item, answer it as quickly as possible. 

Be fair with your starting price, people won't be interested if your overprice your item, but also will be we wary if you start an expensive item too cheap.

Once the item is sold, post it as quickly as possible. Make sure you package the item well, I like to wrap it in some sort of bag before the brown paper, then I wrap it in brown tape. Bare in mind the postman may not be very delicate with the package so the wrapping needs to be sturdy. Make your address label waterproof, I stick clear tape over mine, then if it rains, the ink won't run. I like to send things recorded delivery, that way you get a tracking reference and you can make sure that the item has been received, you will need to check with the post office if your item is valuable as you may need to send it with some insurance. Once posted, mark the item as dispatched as soon as possible and put the tracking reference in the space provided.

Leave feedback for the buyer, even if all you can say is that they paid quickly, it's good for their eBay account and hopefully they will return the favour!

Thanks for reading, hope this helps you sell your clothing 😊. I heard about eBay guides through BzzAgent and I will receive an Argos voucher for writing this guide.

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