Selling clothing on Ebay

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Selling anything online can seem easy, but selling clothing takes a lot of time and organisation. When I have sold items in the past I have learnt a few lessons that have helped me to be more successful.

The title is the most important thing

When you decide you want to sell something online you want to give the buyer as much information as possible. In the title you can give a lot of information grabbing the right buyer for your product quickly.
If you wrote 'little black dress' the amount of people who would find this in a search is very little. But if you wrote 'Next Black Dress size 12 party wear' you would hit more searches. eBay give you 80 characters to write your title so add as much information as you can. What material is it, is it new? does it still have tags? for example. Never add to many words like stunning unique beautiful, what you like is not necessarily what everyone else likes. 


When people are scrolling though lists and lists of items its the picture that grabs their attention. Once they have got the list they are looking for ' Next Black Dress size 12' they can start scrolling for ones that jump out at them.  Make sure your item is clean and ironed (this shows the item has been looked after ), and the picture is clear so the item is shown off to its best. Make sure the item can be seen against its background hanging a black dress against dark wallpaper is not going to show it off properly. Take as many close ups as you can to really show off the quality and any intricate designs. If you say an item still has takes show them. Never take a picture of the item laying on the floor ( everything shows up every speck of dirt n dust) I always lay on a plain sheet on my bed ( black sheet for coloured items white or light coloured sheet for black items) then I crop the picture so you can only see the item and the very edges of the sheet not my bed or anything surrounding it. Remember a picture can say a thousand words. 


Think about what you would like to know about an item if you were buying something. If the description was the same as the title 'Next Black dress size 12' would you buy it? and if you do manage to sell it and you haven't described it properly you could end up with INAD case opened against you as the buyer is not happy.
You have the space to write as long a description as you please. I have found the more you tell a buyer the better. Write all measurements in cms and inches,  even give lengths of sleeves, widths of armpits from armpit to shoulder, waist size, inside leg size,  the whole length of trouser from waist band to ankle. write what all measurements are as well so armpit to should is and ... inches and waist to ankle length is and .. inches Dont give the buyer any excuse to want to return an item or give you bad feedback.
Colouring..... if you take a picture of a white shirt in the evening and have a lamp or light on that shirt will look yellow, if your camera has made an item look different in anyway always say this is description. 
Always write a true description, if its new say so, if its been used say so, if its in good used condition say so, if there are ANY defects say so, no one wants to buy something thats stained, ripped, fading, has buttons missing, or has a zip broken. 


Look at other people, who are selling the same item as you, what are they charging, things to take into consideration when comparing, the condition of the garment style size etc, try and find ones that are as close as possible to yours and go by their price.

Once sold

Look after the item its no longer yours. You can't describe the dress as being brand new but once the buyer opens their parcel is stinks of cigarettes or has had your cat laying on it. Keep all sold items in nice clean bags until your ready to package and send. When you do send make sure its neatly folded and placed into a clean plastic bag , I also send mine in a opaque plastic bag. Paper bags or wrapping can tear easily or stain if they get wet (rain etc) this might ruin the item. I also add a little thank you note but you don't have to.
If the item is expensive I would recommend paying extra for tracking. Send the buyer a little message to say its been shipped and when they will receive it and the tracking number.

Always communicate with your buyers and be polite. Dont forget these people are buying your items for money. the more information you give them and the quicker you answer messages questions etc (although if you have written a great description questions will be rare)  the more chance you are likely to get great feedback and someone who will buy from you again or even better recommend you to others to buy from.
If someone asks the most stupid question or asks for a ridiculous discount don't get mad and reply with a rude answer always be polite.
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