Selling eBooks - Make Your Auctions Stand Out

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Make Your eBook Auctions Stand Out

Selling ebooks on eBay is an inviting idea.  By carefully shopping for in-demand content and wisely purchasing it with resale rights, you can secure a product you can sell over and over again with only a one-time expense.  A very small initial investment can give you the opportunity to create a long series of successful auctions.

The hassles associated with shipping and handling also disappear, as delivering an eBook can be as simple as sending an email to the buyer. There are even great software packages and services available that make automated instant delivery of purchased ebooks possible.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that a lot of other people have also noticed the opportunities presented by selling ebooks on eBay. As such, there is bustling market on eBay for electronically delivered information products and it is easy for your auctions to get lost in the crowd. No matter how inexpensive setting up your eBook auction business might be, the effort and expense will be wasted if no one is purchasing your products.

As such, it is important to make sure your auctions stand out from your competitors. There are a few great general techniques that when coupled with your own skills and originality can set you apart from the crowd and make your eBook business a success.

Look Different...

Have you ever searched through the eBook offerings on eBay? Often, you will see the very same ebooks sold again and again. The auction titles look the same, as do the graphics used to promote them. If you follow the herd, you are simply hoping that of the many similar auctions offered, an interested buyer will happen to pick yours from the crowd merely by luck. This is not a particularly sound strategy!

Instead, you should make the effort to differentiate your auction from the others. Secure and utilize a different graphic than the standard eBook cover shot being used by everyone else. You should also spend some time writing a title for the auction—if your title reads like all of the others; your chances for success are reduced considerably.

Read Differently...

Look through the auctions carefully and read the product descriptions and sales pages of the other eBay sellers in your market. You’ll probably notice that many of them seem like carbon copies of one another. You need to make your eBay auction unique.

Spend some time and effort developing a sales pitch for your product that stands out from the rest.  It will require some creativity and effort, but by writing the perfect sales pitch and creating a truly unique auction, your product will be perceived as a unique offering in a sea of sameness.

Offer Something More...

If everyone is selling the same eBook, or several similar ebooks on the same theme, you need to make your auction different.  There has to be some unique reason why buyers will flock to your auctions instead of others. 

One used to be able to create a distinction by simply offering a better price or having higher feedback ratings.  As the eBook marketplace has grown, these characteristics are tougher to use to your advantage. Prices are often set at low margins across the board already, and there are a variety of sellers with impressive feedback in the field.

Bundle something extra into your eBook auction.  Perhaps a special report you have personally written, insuring the uniqueness of your auction is in order. Maybe you can bundle up an additional eBook for which you have resale rights into the deal. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

In a more crowded marketplace it is possible to succeed. However, the days of merely listing a series of ebooks and waiting for the money are over.  If you want to increase your chances for eBook success on eBay, it’s time to do something that separates you from the pack. And here is where I come in. As usual I have provided a selection of eBooks for you to download at no cost. Most are brand new and unreleased.


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