Selling from a smoke or pet-free home.

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Hi all

A tip from a long-time Ebuyer for new sellers - if you have a smoke free or pet free home, use it to sell your stuff and include it in your blurb!

Anyone who needs this reassurance then won't have to write to ask you, and you won't have to message back - especially important in the closing hours of a sale when bidding can really take off. Advertising this feature (always assuming it's true!) can make your listing stand out among others for the same kind of product, generate more interest and potentially push up your final value.

My son sadly has aggressive allergies to animal fur, so I have to be careful about where I buy from, especially because I buy a lot of craft materials, fabric and yarn that can't be plunged straight into the washing machine or washed down when it arrives. It's really frustrating as a buyer to find the very thing I'm after a few hours before the sale ends, only to watch it disappear because the seller hasn't been able to reply to me before the sale ends. Invariably the answer comes back that, no, there are no pets, making it three times more frustrating that I could have bought the thing and didn't. From a buyer's point of view, another person's bids = a higher final sale figure.

I have a lot of crafty friends who buy from Ebay, and who all tell me that they are a lot more likely to add someone to their Favourite Sellers list if they know that their yarn or fabric comes from a smoke/pet free home, shop, or even warehouse, and this goes too for things like cushion pads, bedding, curtains etc.

So my advice is, if you don't smoke or have pets, advertise the fact up front. It could add quite a bit of value to your assets.
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