Selling ladies clothes - selling job lots and bundles!

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Sometimes you have a handful of plain old clothes that just aren't worth selling individually, and in these instances it's often worth selling as what is known as a bundle or job lot. If you sell a bundle of 10 tops for £5, you've made 50p per item, so it can work out quite well! Here are some of my tips for maximising your profits.
  • Know your audience! When selling a bundle, you have to know the sort of people you're selling to. I buy bundles and job lots of clothes with view to selling them on again, but some people buy them as a whole new summer wardrobe or similar. Keep these things in mind when writing titles and descriptions.
  • Write a good title: It's hard to describe 20 tops and jeans and skirts, all by different brands and in different styles in the one line title at the top of your listing. I always write my bundle listings like this: '20 x  ladies tops/skirts/trousers bundle/job lot - size 8/10'. The buyer knows the amount of items in the bundle, the sort of thing that is in there (a mixture of tops, skirts and trousers) and, most importantly, the size. If there are a few size 10s, lots of 12s and a 14, don't just write 'Mixed sizes' in the title, put 10/12 and then in the description mention that one item is a 14. Don't worry about putting the brand names in the title unless they are predominantly one good name, e.g '12 x ladies tops bundle/job lot - size 12 - mostly Topshop'.
  • Be enigmatic! If you're selling a bundle, there are bound to be some items that are less than fantastic, let's be honest! Don't put yourself up for a fall by describing these items...the best thing to do is write a short, sharp description that mentions the best things and keeps your buyers guessing as to what treasures they could receive! Here is a description example: 'Bundle of 11 ladies tops in sizes 8 and 10. Brands include Topshop - H&M - FCUK - Diesel. Bargain!'. Topshop? H&M? FCUK? Diesel? Wow! Those are all good brands to the whole bundle must be great! See the logic? No need to mention that there are 3 cheap t-shirts from Mark One, just give your buyers a taster of the good stuff! It's cheeky, but it works!
  • Take a good photo: I've written a guide on ways to take a good photo, so take a look at that here: Taking decent photos. As for bundles, the way to take the photo is to take a decent picture of the bundle as a whole! Fold all the clothes neatly, arrange them so they are all piled up in a group, making it look as though there are lots of them, and don't group similar colours together. If you are selling something by Diesel or Nike or Bench (as an example) or anything that has a good brand emblazoned across the front, make that slogan visible to the camera.
  • Charge appropriate postage: I always charge according to what's in the bundle. For a simple top or short skirt it's 75p per item, for hoodies/jumpers/cardigans etc, it's £1. It's also £1 for light trousers. For jeans it's £1.50. So for a bundle of 10 t-shirts, 2 skirts and a pair of jeans, postage will be £10.50. Don't worry if the postage seems high for a lot of items, people don't mind paying it. Always offer a local pick-up service, that can often result in cash in hand and is a very simple way of doing things.
And there you have it, a great way of getting rid of a massive overflowing wardrobe in a few simple steps.
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