Selling mobile phones to int'l destinations

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My name is Waqas and I am making this guide to help private individuals sell their mobile phones on eBay with a stress free experience, without getting scammed on the way

I want international visibility on my item

Well, the only thing to do here, is to click "international visibility" when listing your eBay item. This normally only costs 5/6p if its a mobile phone your selling but it will mean that you are bringing in some buyers

How much Will Postage cost me?

Typically, a mobile phone by itself will weigh in the region of 200-300g(packed) and a packed mobile(in box) will normally weigh 500-600g(packed)You can see "seejays"(youll have to google this, as eBay wont allow links) for a quick and easy way to see how much postage will cost. You can then "guesstimate" how much you should charge buyers for postage

Of course, if you've got some digital scales nearby, its best to simply pack the mobile phone up in your packaging and then decide how much postage to charge the buyer


Its definitely advised that you package your mobile phone well, as royal mail have the attitude that "if it breaks, the packaging must definitely be flimsy" so its definitely recommended wrapping your mobile phone in at least a jiffy bag before sending it via RoyalMail. It may cost 10p extra for jiffy bags over things such as brown paper, but you have saved yourself from hassle by using jiffy bags

Proof of Postage is not proof of delivery

It will normally be cheaper to send your phone through royal mail, compared to other courier companies, however people still are sending mobiles through 1st or 2nd class standard, instead of 1st or 2nd class recorded/special delivery

If you are sending by standard post, you open yourself up to dishonest buyers. Recorded delivery is a better option, however I have noticed recently that royal mail havent been collecting signatures on my recorded delivery items(thankfully I have honest buyers) At any rate, you can upgrade compensation levels. The default compensation rate is 100x 1st class stamps, so if a stamp costs 41p, you are automatically covered up to £41

If it is a more expensive item, you can choose to upgrade the compensation or use special delivery(sometimes you have no choice, but to use SD when upgrading compensation) The default compensation for SD items is now £50(though used to be £500). This can be upgraded to the compensation that you desire when sending a mobile, in case it is lost in the post

You may be tempted to play the "I have proof of postage and you should claim from royalmail" line, however the onus is upon the seller to prove delivery and not the buyer. After all, how can the buyer really prove that they havent got an item. Any way, royal mail expects the sender to claim, and not the buyer. This would also reduce the amount of buyers going to PayPal for their money back(if its lost, its lost-and buyers will want their money back one way or another)

Sending your Mobile Phone Abroad

Your mobile will normally sell for a better price if you send it worldwide, but buyer beware! Royal mail will only ever pay out 100x 1st class stamps for a mobile phone sent abroad, regardless if you paid more at the post office.

For this reason, it is recommended you pick the "Airsure" option with royal mail. If its worth more than £150, then PayPal will expect a signature upon delivery of the item to apply for seller protection. For this, see below:

Trouble Countries

The main "trouble country" is Italy, where its postal system is quite basically corrupt. For this reason, its recommended that first of all you bulk up your item(so its not pocket sized-pocket sized=steal-able) and its also recommended that you put a customs sticker on it for a value of something cheap ie. £0.00 Family DVD's

You are not breaking the law here. Because Italy is within the EU, that means that you do not have to add a customs form. If you are a non EU member reading this, I don't condone defrauding customs by falsely declaring the item(and it can get you in a lot of trouble as well as a large fine)

Another company to stay away from is Russia. Russian customs do not like people sending mobile phones over there. If you do send a phone to Russia, it will be returned, and you will have lost a lot of money - normally at least £35

Sometimes, there is also no Airsure option when sending to some countries, so what I normally do is google for something such as "Itally courier" Then I will find a site that sells postage fairly cheap(of course, I will tell the buyer this first)-by fairly cheap, I mean Europe under £25 and the rest of the world under £35

I would then google their name and find some reviews on them. If every review says stay away, scammer etc..., then I would stay right away from the company and use some one else

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