Selling on Ebay

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Thinking of selling on Ebay?

Well many of us do it, yet there are one or two pitfalls

Did you know that if a buyer of your item simply refuses to contact you regarding the item, doesn't answer emails, doesn't pay for the item, then there is absolutely nothing at all you can do about it.

Oh yes, you can, after a set number of days, apply to ebay to have the fee's refunded and even instigate a "Strike" against the name of the user who was the "Non Payer". Yet no where is there the facility for you to warn other sellers of this unscrupulous user.

No longer can a seller leave "Negative Feedback" for an unscrupulous buyer. Yet that same unscrupulous buyer, who refused to pay you, contact you or even answer their phone, has the right to leave you, as an honest seller, a "Negative Feedback"

Yes, I know you can set your preferences to bar those with 2 strikes of more from your sales. That may work fine for you, but what about all the other sellers who come after you. I am not talking about the regular sellers with dozens of deals a day going through, they probably all already have their preferences on strikes set. I am talking about the occassional user who comes on every now and then to sell an item.

What about the sellers who lose out to these unscrupouous buyers before these buyers reach their first two strikes?

One regular trick of these buyers is to ignore an item they have won untill ebay contact them on the sellers behalf as a "Non Payer". The buyer will then purchase the item, pay for it through Paypal. Then claim the item never arrived, claim the payment back through Paypal and keep both the payment and the item. I have recently been told of one particular buyer who has had a very cheap Christmas by doing just that on a number of items.

But dont you dare, as a seller, try to leave negative feedback for those unscrupulous buyers becasue Ebay, in their wisdom, have removed that facility.

I can only assume that Ebay had notice the rise in Negative Feedback amongst the buyers on Ebay. As a result, instead of cleaning up the buyers (which would have lost Ebay money), they choose insted to remove the "Negative Feedback" facility which sellers used to be able to apply to unsrupulous buyers.

The result being that now, the average of negative feedback on buyers is getting far better, not because Ebay have weedled out the bad buyers but simply because they have removed the facility to highlight those bad buyers.

So if you are selling on Ebay be very very careful. Do not assume that as a seller you have any rights or protections as what their is is very very limited. Do not assume that the feedback you see for a seller is up to date and accurate, sellers no longer leave any feedback for unscrupulous buyers so these buyers appear to have 100% feedback.

Treat any excuses from buyers with great suspicion "I've been away", "Sorry, lost my cheque book", "I've been in Hospital" etc etc ,

If possible send all of your items recorded delivery (it wont stop bad buyers from claiming they have not received it but it does mean you can eventually claim the money back when the proof comes through.)

There are many decent and honest buyers and sellers on Ebay, but, despite reassurances from ebay to the contrary, there are also many many rogues.



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