Selling postcards 5 golden rules

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  1.  Never pay more than 25p per card when buying in bulk.
  2. .Always make sure that your scans of the cards are straight and caentred, the more proessional the better
  3. Tell the customer as much as possible, publisher details, dates, the stamp used and if the message on the back is interesting you might want to put some of that in, you might even consider scanning the back if it holds some interested.  Try and find out some info about the area the card is from it might help.
  4. if you list all you items at 2.99 you will sell them some people will get a bargin and some will pay too much, the wonderful thing about ebay and postcard collectors they don't really care as long as they get the card or the scene they want
  5. Clear stock regually.  List items twice, if they don't sell on the second attemp budle 50 together and sell as a job lot.  (you might want to change some things in the description or title on the second listing) After you have listed the item twice you would have spent up 25p on the card and 30p on listing fees that's 55p! cut your losses and move on.
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